Our Mission

The Center for Regulatory Solutions will educate the American public about the burdens and consequences of over-regulation on the economy. We will also seek to improve the rulemaking process, so that small business owners and those impacted by regulations are treated fairly. Small business owners and entrepreneurs must have a voice to ensure their needs and concerns are heard, and acted upon. This will be an essential part of our mission, because all too often, rulemakings are manipulated by certain special interests, and as a result, sound science and the rule of law give way to politics and ideology. It will be the Center’s job to expose this tendency, and make the rulemaking process more open and transparent. With your help, we will ensure regulators are held accountable for their decisions.

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Improving the Regulatory Process

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The World Bank found it’s easier to start a new business in Portugal, Romania, Panama, Hungary and Belarus than in the U.S. 84% of Americans believe there are too many special interests involved in shaping government regulations Federal regulatory costs exceed $10,000 per employee for U.S. small businesses.
fedbudget usgdp quoteleftFor the first time in history, the estimated cost of regulation exceeds half the level of the federal budget itself. Regulatory costs of $1.806 trillion amounts to 11.6 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP), estimated at $15.549 trillion in 2012.quoteright

- Clyde Wayne Crews, 10,000 Commandments (2013)
An Annual Snapshot of the Federal Regulatory State

The Problem

Annual growth (in pages) of the Federal Register since 1993 Number of Rules Published in the Federal Register (2002-2012)
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The Solution

An innovative organization committed to:
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Ensuring accountability and transparency at federal agencies Educating the public about the costs of excessive regulation, and how federal rules are made. Generating grassroots support for improvements to the regulatory process

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